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Black Leadership Advisory Committee (BLAC)

The Black Leadership Advisory Committee (B.L.A.C.) was founded to respectfully guide CrescentCare’s efforts to improve health outcomes in the Black community in New Orleans — raising awareness around sexual health and overall well-being to reduce stigma, eliminate barriers to care, and end health disparities. With African Americans at an exponentially higher lifetime risk of acquiring HIV and other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, CrescentCare is prioritizing efforts to address the inequities that exacerbate these issues. B.L.A.C. also strives to highlight contributions that African Americans have made to healthcare and our community, as well as celebrate all aspects of Black culture. #fortheculture

BLAC Chair:

  • Shanika Thompson

“Healthcare for Culture” Campaign

CrescentCare’s Black Leadership Advisory Committee is dedicated to ensuring that our community has access to the respectful, knowledgeable, convenient, and quality healthcare we deserve. B.L.A.C. launched its #fortheculture campaign to raise awareness around HIV, stigma, and overall well-being in the Black community of New Orleans. With the city undergoing a huge cultural shift and experiencing the negative effects of gentrification that ultimately impact health, it’s time that we include cultural preservation in the narrative about health equity! Follow B.L.A.C on Facebook for the latest updates.