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Conchita Iglesias-McElwee

Conchita, the +LOVE Triage Coordinator, is a Louisiana native and has over two decades of social work experience. As a Licensed Master Social Worker and community advocate, she has worked in a wide variety of social justice initiatives such as the creation of equitable work for formerly incarcerated individuals, improved health care for houseless individuals living with a diagnosis of HIV, and emergency medical shelters for those affected by hurricanes in Louisiana. As an artist, she has also volunteered her time to at-risk youth programs, cultural events, and workshops to teach the public about the beauty and history of her indigenous Mexican roots, spearheading arts collectives and serving as a board member for Minicine in Shreveport, Louisiana. She will add glitter to anything that holds still long enough, loves animals, decorating, reading, costuming, punk rock music, making and collecting art, and anything Halloween related. She plans to continue her studies and become an art therapist in her golden years.

Published: Nov 4, 2020