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CrescentCare is bringing Vaccines to the People

CrescentCare is bringing Vaccines to the People so:

  • Jazz Fest will finally happen!
  • The French Quarter becomes vibrant!
  • We can parade again!
  • Essence, Voodoo, conventions, tourism, and more can come back!
  • We can all get back to business and life!

To do this, CrescentCare is producing a series of innovative, fun vaccination events in communities where vaccines are most needed, according to data from the City. One of our “Shot for Shots” events was featured in local, national and international news as the much needed model for how to bring vaccines to where people are–whether in life or in the city–in order to protect our neighbors and end the pandemic.

Learn more about our vaccine outreach campaign in this cover story from the Gambit.

We need your help to end the pandemic!

Through the end of June, every donation will be matched up to $10,000. That means every $10 you give will be matched and will bring us one shot closer to ending this pandemic.

Businesses can help too! Download our business flyer here, share it with others, and connect with us at vaccinestothepeople@crescentcare.org

Thank you to our supporters!

Julie Grant Meyer
Madalyn and Robert Schenk
Jan and Russell Potts
Asher Emanuel
Ricky Rosenberg, PJ, Anna, Maia, and Jasper Rosenberg
Frannie Charles, Audrey, and Clark Buchtel
Sarah and Tommy Usdin
Ellen Halperin
Sam Rider
Barry Halperin
Marcia and Art Waterman
Renee Zack
Steven Grin
Cortney Haynes
Janan Jayawickramarajah
Sophia Conroy
Siobhan Stewart
Deena Gerber
Dr. Jason Halperin and Serena Chaudhry
Cherry Cappel
Heidi & Chris Wiltsee
Steve Winders
Melanie Chaudhry
Hardy Merriman
Aadia Rana
Siobhan Stewart
Nelsie Stern
Deyden Tethong
Yotam Marom
Heather Plastaras
Megan Hall
Dr. Christopher Garnett
Carole Pindaro
Janice Pomerantz
Latesha Elopre
Freya Putt
Marcia Glass
Jordan Hirsch
Todd Chaudhry
Susan Good
Bruce Gallassero
Jonathan Colasanti
R.J. Buras and Rodney Thoulion

Published: May 7, 2021

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