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Request for Proposals

CrescentCare, seeks proposals from qualified consultant(s) over the next 12 months to develop a series of video modules for a transgender initiative at CrescentCare to improve services to individuals of trans experience and to reduce health care disparities among this population. Services to be provided include: 1) interviews with program staff to identify issues and training needs to ensure culturally competent care to individuals of trans experience; 2) development of a series of video content modules around services to individuals of trans experience; 3) pre/post knowledge assessment and evaluation on the content of the video series; and 4) coordination with CrescentCare staff on all aspects of the project. Areas to be included in the video modules would include at minimum: a) general cultural humility training b) behavioral health services; c) medical services; d) case management services; e) front desk/call center activities; f) soft skills; and g) HIV testing. 

CrescentCare (previously NO/AIDS Task Force) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 community-based organization which has provided HIV services throughout southeast Louisiana since 1983. It is one of the largest AIDS Services Organizations in the southeastern United States. In 2013, NO/AIDS expanded its mission, changed its name to CrescentCare and became a Federally Qualified Health Center system. CrescentCare’s mission is to offer comprehensive health and wellness services to the community, to advocate empowerment, to safeguard the rights and dignity of individuals, and to provide for an enlightened public. 

CrescentCare comes from two powerful legacies and two social justice movements. The origins of the NO/AIDS Task Force organization was in response to the devastation of the AIDS epidemic. The movement and legacy it intentionally joined when it became CrescentCare is that of community health centers. Community centers were born out of the civil rights movement and the war on poverty and have a powerful history built on social justice. It is also one that can help frame, ground and inform CrescentCare’s work as it moves forward to the future. It is through CrescentCare’s work of providing quality, humble and affordable health care and supportive services to the vulnerable in the New Orleans community that CrescentCare as an organization can truly help effect deep structural change and can contribute to the social justice movement. CrescentCare’s almost 300 staff members come to the organization with huge diversity of backgrounds, understanding, and perspectives. 

CrescentCare’s response to systematic racism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-immigrant sentiment and misogyny must be systemic and strategic. It must be a strategy of cultural humility, intersectionality, inclusiveness and kindness. CrescentCare has a goal over the next year to intentionally work to improve its organizational culture by equipping its staff and leaders with the tools to accomplish this organizational change and improvement so that every member of the organization has an understanding of systemic transphobia and other issues related to transgender individuals. CrescentCare’s longer term goal is to create a culture within the organization of reflection, insight, awareness, acceptance, kindness, and support for its staff so that it can more effectively serve the community and achieve its mission.

Estimated Schedule

Issue Request for Proposals December 2, 2021
Proposals due December 17, 2021
Evaluation of proposals December 20-December 23, 2021
Interviews/Presentations conducted with finalists January 3-7, 2022
Announce decision and send notification January 10, 2022
Begin work January 17, 2022

CrescentCare reserves the right to revise the above schedule.

Questions/Clarifications Contact Robin Hunn at robin.hunn@crescentcare.org

Proposal Submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm CST on December 17, 2021 in electronic version only to robin.hunn@crescentcare.org

Published: Dec 2, 2021