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A statement from CrescentCare on Black Lives Matter

CrescentCare is a culturally humble health care facility that welcomes all in the community; however, we want to make a strong statement to the New Orleans community (and communities across America) that Black Lives Matter to us.

As an organization,

  • CrescentCare commits to a welcoming, safe and respectful environment for the Black community.
  • CrescentCare will continue to fight for equality across the spectrum, but we focus urgently and strategically on protecting Black lives at CrescentCare.
  • CrescentCare supports protesters who are exercising their freedom of speech and expressing their constitutional right to identify and reject injustices.
  • CrescentCare recognizes that we continue to look inward and deal with racial inequality. We need to celebrate our successes, and own and make right our failures.
  • CrescentCare is committed to training all staff to become more culturally humble and understanding so that we can better serve our patients, the community and each other.
  • CrescentCare recognizes the trauma caused by systemic racism, police brutality and racial injustice. These factors make this a public health issue that we will continue to address to improve health outcomes in the Black community.
  • CrescentCare acknowledges that we cannot make right all the wrongdoings nor can we fix or change hundreds of years of oppression. What we can do is commit to doing our part to respect the race, culture, and rights of all, particularly at this moment, in the Black community.

We see you. We hear you. And we will fight and stand with you against racial injustice.